📩Using Macros for Email Replies

ThoughtfulGPT's Email Reply Macros User Guide

ThoughtfulGPT's Email Reply Macros will help you generate thoughtful, relevant email replies at scale. You can manage your macros from the Manage Macros section of the dashboard. To create a macro: 1. Give the macro a title and description (optional) 2. Provide instructions for how you want the AI to generate the reply 3. Nature of communication (casual, formal, etc.) 4. Relevant context and details 5. Next steps or follow up actions 6. Calendar links or other references The AI will use your instructions to draft a customized email reply tailored to your needs. An example prompt: Reply to this email with a warm, supportive, friendly tone of voice. Let this person know the relevant answer to the question and point out any next steps they'd need to take in order to proceed. Sign off with a warm encouraging message, letting them know you are here to support them if they have further questions or need any other help." If you have any questions about these Email Reply Macros, please reach out to us at Support@thoughtfulgpt.com.

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