🀠Audit Log, History, & A.I. Voting

Supervise your A.I. with our audit history

The Audit Log is an extremely helpful feature of ThoughtfulGPT for troubleshooting and improving your interactions with the AI models. To access the Audit Log, find the Account tab in your dashboard, click on AI History and Voting.

With the Audit Log, you can

1️⃣ Keep a running history of all your interactions with GPT models and AI: The Audit Log records all of your prompts and the AI’s responses so you can review them at any time. 2️⃣ Troubleshoot complex prompts: The Audit Log is especially helpful for troubleshooting prompts that involve variables, components, or Google Sheets syntax. For example, you can review how the AI responded to β€œ$Google” components, β€œ$Vector” components, or the β€œ$entire_row” variable in Google Sheets. 3️⃣ Upvote and downvote AI responses: For advanced users, the Audit Log allows you to provide feedback on the AI’s responses by upvoting responses that were helpful and downvoting those that need improvement. This data can then be used to improve the AI models. If you have any other questions about the Audit Log or other ThoughtfulGPT features, please contact our support team at Support@thoughtfulgpt.com.

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