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🏎ī¸Advanced AI Smart Commands

A brief "how to" on driving our powerful AI Macro feature!

The scripting syntax feature of our AI macros serves as the control center for AI-driven workflows, much like a steering wheel guides a vehicle. The primary value proposition of this feature is twofold:

  1. Reduction of Hallucinations: By using structured commands, the AI is directed to perform specific tasks, which minimizes the chance of generating irrelevant or fabricated content. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the AI's outputs.

  2. Precision in AI Processes: These macros enable teams to execute complex tasks with simple commands. Each macro is designed for a distinct function, from conducting real-time research with $RESEARCH to visualizing data with $DATA_ANALYSIS. This specificity allows for precise operation and tailored results, ensuring that teams can efficiently achieve their objectives without unnecessary complications or errors.

The AI macros offer an array of tools for various needs:

  • $RESEARCH: Facilitates real-time internet research, providing up-to-date information on any given topic.

  • $REMEMBER and $RECALL: Work in tandem to store and retrieve documents or notes, acting as a memory extension for the AI.

  • $FILES: Lists all uploaded files, simplifying file management.

  • $QUERY_CSV: Queries data from CSV files, enabling quick data extraction based on specific queries.

  • $DATA_ANALYSIS: Offers data visualization capabilities, making it easier to interpret complex datasets.

  • $GRAB: Fetches content from provided links, streamlining the process of gathering information from external sources.

  • $CRAWL: Fetches links from a targeted website and will grab context from those pages to answer a query.

  • $FIND_PEOPLE: Researches the internet to find people associated with a company, making it easier to connect with the right people for a specific company.

  • $FIND_WEBSITE: Researches the internet to find the website of the targeted company.

  • $FIND_EMAIL: Researches the internet for sources to provide the email address of a person, given only their name and their associated company.

Overall, the scripting syntax feature empowers teams to harness the full potential of AI with greater control, efficiency, and accuracy, ultimately enhancing productivity and decision-making processes.

Command Syntax

**Purpose**: Real-time internet research.
**Syntax**: $RESEARCH [Question/Search Query?]
**Example**: $RESEARCH What are the Latest trends in AI technology?

**Purpose**: Store documents or notes.

**Syntax**: $REMEMBER [Attachment/Note]

**Example**: `$REMEMBER` (with an attached file)


**Purpose**: Retrieve stored information.

**Syntax**: $RECALL [Topic/Keyword]

**Example**: $RECALL Key points from last board meeting


**Purpose**: List uploaded files.

**Syntax**: $FILES

**Example**: $FILES


**Purpose**: Query data from CSV files.

**Syntax**: $QUERY_CSV [File Name] "[Query]"

**Example**: $QUERY_CSV employee_data "Average tenure duration"


**Purpose**: Data visualization from CSV.

**Syntax**: $DATA_ANALYSIS [File Name] "[Analysis Request]"

**Example**: $DATA_ANALYSIS sales_data "Pie chart of sales by region"


**Purpose**: Fetch content from a link.

**Syntax**: $GRAB [HTTPS Link]

**Example**: $GRAB


**Purpose**: Deep discovery of specific information from a link

**Syntax**: $CRAWL ( [question/query])

**Example**: $CRAWL ( Who is the CEO of ThoughtfulGPT?)


**Purpose**: Finds people associate with a company

**Syntax**: $FIND_PEOPLE ([Company name])

**Example**: $FIND_PEOPLE (ThoughtfulGPT)


**Purpose**: Finds a company website

**Syntax**: $FIND_WEBSITE ([Company name])

**Example**: $FIND_WEBSITE (ThoughtfulGPT)


**Purpose**: Finds the company email associated to a person

**Syntax**: $FIND_EMAIL ([Name] [Company website])

**Example**: $FIND_EMAIL (Lyndsay Donhoff

General GPT Prompting Tips

Clarity and Specificity: Help the user Clearly define what they are asking for. The more specific and tactical the better.

Brevity with Detail: Keep your prompts concise but include key details to guide the AI as it develops it's process. Think of this as a "Standard Operating Procedure"

Context Matters: Provide relevant context to ensure more accurate and focused responses. This is where ThoughtfulGPT's smart commands like $GRAB, $RECALL or $RESEARCH can come in handy. These Commands enrich the prompts with more details and context because our system will use the command to fetch context from it's varying system

Define the Goal: Clearly state the purpose of your prompt, whether it's for information, analysis, or creative output. Be sure to reference the user's goal below to help you craft an AI macro.

Appropriate Tone and Style: If necessary, specify the desired tone (formal, casual, humorous) for the response. ThoughtfulGPT is very powerful when in comes to transforming content into styles that resonate with varying audiences EX: Investors, Customers, Parents, Students, (and this can be even more specific) ex: "Tech employees who work in California who know how to code."

Sequential Information: When asking follow-up questions or related queries, ensure they logically connect to previous interactions. The order of operations matters when it comes to crafting an AI Macro. It's best practice to give instructions first, followed by context. It can even be useful to label the context.

Use Examples: Where applicable, include examples to guide the AI towards the type of response you're seeking.

Combining Commands and GPT Tips for Enhanced Workflows

Utilize $RESEARCH for gathering current information and then $REMEMBER for storing. Use clear, specific prompts for both commands.

When using $QUERY_CSV and $DATA_ANALYSIS, provide detailed and specific requests to ensure accurate data extraction and visualization.

For $RECALL, provide sufficient context to assist the AI in retrieving the correct information from its stored memory.

Now that you've perfected the art of steering your AI, you can drive your newly minted AI superpowers with confidence!

Although please don't let your dog drive the AI. Always keep a human at the wheel.

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