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User Guide for ThoughtfulGPT's Vector Database Feature

ThoughtfulGPT's AI Memory Vector Database is a space for you to upload YOUR OWN personal documents for the AI to learn. This way, the AI will use a collection of context customized to you to respond to your Macro requests.

For example, storing your organization's basic information in the AI Memory can allow our Macros to better carry out tasks such as creating marketing campaigns for the right audience, responding to potential partners with more information, and listing current market alternatives for a new product feature idea.

To use the vector database:

1. Upload documents you want the AI to reference by either 1) directly uploading your current document by clicking Upload Document to Embeddings in the plugin or 2) uploading a document of your choice under the Embeddings & Vector Search tab in your dashboard.

2. Use the $VECTOR command in your work - In Sheets, enter $VECTOR in column A. Answers will appear in subsequent columns. - In Docs and Gmail, type $VECTOR directly into the text (placing it in the beginning works!).

3. The AI will fetch relevant context from your uploaded documents and provide accurate responses to your questions.

4. Review results for accuracy and build more productive workflows using this context.

Just like $RESEARCH, You can also include the $VECTOR component in your AI Macros, which will allow the AI Macro to give you answers based on the information it can gather from documents uploaded to your AI Memory.

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